Informed = Blender fan!

A lot of great improvements have been made in the last Informed year! From the start we opted to work with ‘Dutch origin’ Blender as our primarily 3D software.

Blender has steadily grown as is the quality of our medical animations. Nothing beats having our own top quality animators using the latest Blender builds, to fully benefit from and show the impact software development has on the quality of our medical animations.

Blender announced to release number “2.8” for a long time, which lead to high expectations. But it finally happened. In 2019 the biggest release in Blender’s history was out! Did they deliver? Definitely.
A giant leap forward for many technical issues, such as a better interface, the Eevee rendering engine, collections and much more…

We look forward to even more innovative projects and upgrades in 2020 and even might get involved in more development discussions with the #blender team!

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